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We use WeGotTickets for online advance booking and encourage people to use this to minimise time spent queueing. There will be 30 tickets available online per film. Buy Tickets buttons appear in the Current Films menu, or click the logo above. The same booking system is used by Mid Border Arts so if you've bought tickets online for MBA events your registration/login will be the same. More details in Further Information.

All our films are presented digitally. Our current projector produces a superb image which is the equal or better than the film projectors that were our mainstay in the past. Where possible we show high-definition material although occasionally distributors only make standard definition material available. We hope that you agree that it all looks great on our large cinema screen.

Now and then a booking needs to be amended and the advance printed programme cannot be changed so the website is the best way to make sure that the film you want to see is still on. Occasionally disc release dates change and this can result in a forced rescheduling of the screening. If you sign up to our email list on the Contact page you will be sent an email reminder during the week before each screening.


A volunteer-run independent cinema for the Welsh Marches


Back in September
Film starts 8 pm


Scrapper, on 5 April will be our last film for this season.

We are now able to accept contactless card payments.

*** Our Covid-19 page (under Further Information in the menu above or Click Here) shows the latest information on measures that we are taking or that we are required to implement. As far as possible we have resumed normal service.

*** We're pleased to announce that the lift at the Assembly Rooms has now been replaced with a new model so accessibility for those with mobility issues is restored. It operates slightly differently than the old one but is faster!

You can also download a printable copy of the current programme when it is available by clicking on the image at right. You will need Adobe Reader or a similar PDF viewer to access the file. Our previous leaflet will be here until then so that you can get a flavour of the sort of films we show.

If you are able to display a poster to promote the screening please click the relevant image in the row below to download a printable copy (when available). Many thanks....

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Asteroid City posterthe Five Devils posterThe Old Oak poster imageCharcoal poster imageAnatomy of a Fall poster imageThe Nettle Dress poster imageTypist Artist poster imageFremont poster imageScrapper poster image

Autumn–Spring 2023-2024   48th Season